Irenas Johnson Palmer: was born on February 20, 1842 in Hinsdale, New York. In 1863, at the age of 21 he went to Boston, Mass. to join the Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Colored Volunteer Cavalry .On December 26, 1863 he was commissioned First Sergeant.

The Fifth Regiment was involved in numerous Civil War battles at Fort Monroe, Appomattox, and Petersburg. In 1864 they were assigned to Point Lookout in Maryland where they guarded Confederate Prisoners. In 1865 they were sent to Texas because there was anticipation of trouble with Mexico.
After the Civil War in November 1865 Mr. Palmer returned to Western New York and settled in Olean, NY where he took up his trade as an Architect and Builder. Mr. Palmer was active in the AME Church, and the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). He was also one of the many unknown civil rights pioneers who spoke out against injustice and the despicable criminal act of lynching's that were imposed upon countless African Americans during his lifetime. This shadow of shame inspired him to write the book, "The Black Man's Burden" in Feb. 1902.
A quote from the book, "In this country it is unsafe to be black or be president. In this great country they burn colored men at the stake, and one-third of our presidents are murdered by assassins."
There were three presidents assassinated between 1865 and 1901, (Abrahan Lincoln, James A Garfield and William McKinley)
Irenas Johnson Palmer died on June 17, 1919. He was buried at the Mount View Cemetery in Olean, NY. He is still honored each year dunning Black History Month by the Olean Historical Society.
The Black Man's Burden provides an insightful look into the dark side of America’s history. It's the history that the schools don't or won't teach. A must read for everyone.
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Hey Indie authors and artist, spring is here and that means getting out and promoting yourself, books & art work. MQW suggest that you explore your local community for flea markets and arts & craft shows that are nominal. Don't be fooled by prestigious street festivals that charge outrageous fees that benefit the sponsor, but leave you far short of making a profit. When selecting a venue it's important that you're realistic about the expense and profit margin. For example; a book fair charges $300 for you to setup your display. Based on the cost of your books, how many would you need to sell in order to make a profit?  This should be the first question asked and answered.

   A good option might be to coordinate with an independent book or art store to setup a venue which would promote local artist and authors. This should be a win, win for all. The promoting of literacy and the arts within your community is always a positive step for everyone. So get out there and make it happen!    


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MQW Book Review

By Mike G.

Beyond the Lady, a Woman of Easy Virtue... Will He Stand By Her?

 by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

If you enjoy intrigue or a good old fashion type love story then Beyond the Lady is just the ticket.
The introduction of Vanessa, the main character, grabs your attention right from the start. The feisty temptress, as described by the author is all that and more. Our star child has a hidden past that hunts her, but one must turn pages to discover her secret. The turning of pages is more than welcome, as Vanessa plots to lure the character Frederick, a righteous man, into her sorted lifestyle. The story has humorous twist & turns that makes for a very good read. Well Done!
Rated 4 stars